Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Pink signifies romance and has
 a positive impact on the heart.
It is the innocent side of love
as it is a mixed color
(union of red and white)
and blends passion and purity.
Pink actually has a
physical impact on the human body:
when the eyes see a large pink
object the body grows noticeably weaker.
(This is borne out by clinical test and has nothing to do
with pink elephants coming your way after
a long night at the local bar!)
Pale pink represents the sweetness of youth;
vibrant pinks are high-spirited and express energy.
Pink foods are perceived as sweet-tasting and sweet-smelling.
In decor, pink adds impact to neutrals.
Shocking pink with white creates clean, vibrant looks.
Pink is the color of unconditional love
and is beneficial in rooms used to getting to
"the heart of something."
It has been used in prisons to calm aggressive inmates.
Used in a bedroom, it evokes memories
of being in the womb,
offering safety and security.

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