Saturday, August 1, 2009


Colors are very much a matter of personal preference -
and so take note that the colors we use in our homes
will have an effect on our emotions every day.
All colours influence us in very subtle ways:
psychologically, emotionally, and even spiritually.
They stimulate us to be more receptive, energetic, romantic, and creative;
and conversely to make us feel tired, depressed, agitated or aggressive.
Below, I offer some choices for you to consider when you're poring over
those numerous color chips in search of the perfect decor.
Much of the time the colors that we choose are problematic
for us only because they're in the wrong room.
How often have you played a scenario some­thing like this,
"I absolutely loved Sonya's red kitchen -
that red is just the perfect color
and so I used the same color for my bedroom.
But now, I just hate it!
And yet, every time I'm in her kitchen I fall in love with it all over again.
It just doesn't make any sense."
In actuality, it makes perfect sense.
Red is rich and lively and connotes excitement and conviviality -
something you definitely want to encourage in a kitchen,
but not necessarily in the bedroom -
unless you're starring in a Sex and The City episode.
The redincreases your vital signs and makes you "uber-aware" -
the delicious aromas, the ambience of your friend's kitchen
may not be what you want in a bedroom where you wish to relax and unwind.
(It is no error in judgment that bordello rooms are red!)
So, take your friend's red paint suggestion that you love so much -
paint your own kitchen walls with it, for instance,
and you'll find yourself suddenly liking the color again;
equally, now that your bedroom is painted a more serene colour
you won't be dreaming of murder and mayhem.

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