Friday, August 21, 2009


Yellow gets attention easily.
It is no coincidence that bees have yellow stripes
as the colour warns other insects and animals
to "stay away."
It symbolizes energy and sunlight
and is associated with springtime,
cheerfulness and optimism;
however, some shades of yellow are associated
with uncertainty and restlessness
by certain personality types.
It is the colour of ideas and dreams
and stimulates creativity and confidence.
It suggests gaiety, joy and merriment.
Yellow is the psychological representation of daytime.
(Night time is dark blue.)
as it is the most reflective of all
the colours in the spectrum.
On the downside, and especially if you're a country dweller,
you might want to take note that it attracts houseflies;
on the upside, it stimulates the left side of the brain
for logical thinking,
so it may induce some very pragmatic thoughts
on how to get rid of those pesky varmints!
It is an excellent colour for home offices
as it helps you to absorb information
and stimulates short-term memory.
Not only will you know more,
but you'll remember why!
In the kitchen, yellow is wonderfully stimulating.
In Alaska, were winter nights seem to last forever,
it is recommended people spend two hours a day
in a bright yellow room to prevent
Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
which is depression caused by lack of exposure to sunlight.

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