Wednesday, July 8, 2009


As you know my beloved husband died in May of this year. He truly loved Big Band Music and he had a Big Band and Swing radio show at a local radio show.

Here is one of his introduction to his radio show!

91.3 FM Blue Water Radio.

Hi Big Band and Swing fans ..... this is George Discepolo bring you the "Real George" big band show every Saturday nite from 9 to 11 my day, "real George" meant something "real cool" ... to me big band music is real cool ... I hope you feel the same ... I was a teenager from 1948 to 1954 ... when you look at it that way we are teenagers for only 7 years ...enjoy those years while you can ...they do go by fast ... in our time we had teen dances every Saturday nite at the local town hall ... records we spun on the old tables ... big band and swing music ...remember how we danced with our "steady" girlfriend ... during the slow dances we would put our arms around our date .. snuggle up close and dance the 2 step ...the bombey, or make up our own step ...then when the swing songs where played we would do the jive or if we felt really daring we did the jitterbug ...we where "cool cats" ... of course to-day my son calls me a geriatric "Cool Cat"... but what the hey, I don't care 'cause I'm still feel like a "cool Cat" and I'm looking for all you other "Cool Cat's" that are out there, that "dig" the big band and swing songs .. yes, you know who you, whether you're 9 or 90 .. get out those dancing shoes...dust them off ...put them on ..we're going to cut a rug with Glenn Miller Playing .."In the Mood"

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