Friday, April 3, 2009

DecoSweets - from Japan - Minatures

My daughter has opened a new store - DecoSweets on etsy. She has 3 stores on etsy and one on Yahoo.

I love all the mini foods from Japan and the supplies for making them.

Here is her profile from this store -

Hi! My name is Sofia. I’m Canadian and married to a wonderful Japanese man. I’ve been living here in Japan for almost 11 years and have no plans to leave!I decided to open this store because Japan has so many great "decosweets" items and our other store is big enough! This store will be exclusively for cute supplies you can use to make or decorate your own creations! Things like whip cream clay, fruit sticks, books on how to make cute clay creations, molds, deco sauce etc will be for sale.


Please have a look of this new store -- minis are so fun!!!!!

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