Thursday, November 17, 2011

Vintage Hina Matsuri Miniature Doll Festival Wood Bowls

I love all things miniature and Japanese.
Hina Matsuri is a doll festival or Girls Day in Japan.
It is usually around March the 3.
This is a very old festival. Originally it was believed that the dolls kept bad spirits away.
And in the beginning the dolls where made from paper - but gradually they started making beautiful
dolls dress in fabulous fabrics. The dolls are set up on a layered stag and there is a very exact order to
the different dolls that are on it. At the top is the prince and princess and then the less important  down the different lays.
Some of these layers  have plants, furniture and dishes on them.
As you can see the dolls and other items are miniature.

I was able to obtain some vintage Hina Matsuri wood bowls
In my OishisoBitsandBites store on Etsy I have a sections of rings made with these vintage bowls. Below are some pictures and if you click on the title it will take you to that sections of my store.

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