Monday, April 12, 2010

GET LOST WASP ! - My God it Works

This new product is fabulous.
  And yes it does keep wasps away and yes it is guaranteed to work!
Every year I have had problems with wasps.
  They build nests and I hate using chemicals to get rid of them.
 So this year I found this product.
I ask about it and was told it has been out for awhile and really works.
There are no chemicals involved.
 You just open it like a paper lantern, put in the supports and hang it up.
 Wasps think it is a nest.
 They are very territorial so they will not go with in 200 feet radius of an unfamiliar nest.
 I have hung them up in front of the house and in the back yard.
 Now I do not have to worry about them building nest in the corners of the house, on the deck or in the covers of the hot tub.
And now no chemicals that can hurt me or my puppy or the environment.
This product works on wasps, yellow jackets and hornets.

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