Friday, October 30, 2009

The Psychology of Color Part 6

Blue is the world's favourite colour.
It stands for truth, honesty, loyalty and integrity
and is often the colour of choice for the corporate look.
Blue is associated with coolness and formality.
Blue is peaceful and tranquil and is a sign of law, order and logic.
It is dependable, quiet and serene, restful and cool.
When a room is decorated in blue you feel relaxed,
peaceful and daydreams abound.
It lifts you away from your physical surroundings and helps you to de-stress.
Blue is known as a healing colour and promotes the feeling of being cared for.
Blue is good for bedrooms and splashes of blue will ease loneliness.
Darker blue will engender mediation and make a room feel spiritually charged.
On the other hand, blue should be used in moderation as it could encourage depression.
Cool tones of blue are good for offices as they create an atmosphere of relaxed purpose.

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