Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Green represents life, nature, a feeling of calmness, friendliness and freshness.
It is sensuous and alive; it is dependable, steady, soothing and healing.
It represents newness and re-generation.
It is the most pervasive colour in nature and symbolizes Mother Nature,
the green movement, and ecology.
Deep greens signify money, prestige and power.

Green is a healer.
Suicides dropped 34% when bridges were painted green (Lion's Gate Bridge in Vancouver.)
Green gives structure and boundaries to the environment and is a colour of replenishment.
It is a good colour for rooms that you wish to create a mystique of relaxation
as it gives one space and time to re-balance.
It is frequently chosen because of its versatility and limitless variations.
Greens go well together and green laced with white can be the crispest,
springiest look of all.

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