Friday, May 8, 2009

Explaining the Importance of Healthy Eating

If you're going to explain the concept behind healthy eating to your children, it's important to eat healthy yourself. Don't forget your children mirror everything you do and having a proper balanced meal will help incorporate healthier eating habits. We have a few tips, tricks, and methods you can take advantage of regard this and get your kids on the right track.

Packing for a Trip

It doesn't matter if you're going on vacation or just having a little day long excursion, packing the right snacks helps promote healthy eating. You'll want to give your kids the opportunity to choose, but make sure they're deciding between healthy foods. Deciding between apples and oranges is a whole lot better than candy bars and potato chips. We could go on with other examples, but you get the idea.

Around the House

A great way to explain the importance of eating healthy is by growing a garden. It doesn't have to big or anything, but letting your child grow their own is priceless. While growing you can talk about the benefits of eating the fruit or vegetables. Then when they are ripe and ready to be eaten, the family can provide accolades. It will not only help with healthier eating, but they will also feel a sense of accomplishment providing for the family.

Reading Labels

Once you've gone over some of the important facts of whatever it is they chose to grow, it's time to add them to your next grocery trip. Teach your children how to read the labels and understand what the abbreviations mean. When they are familiar with the benefits to look for on a package, offer them the opportunity to choose specific foods for dinner that week. It will only enhance their knowledge of proper nutrients to give their body.

Having More Fun

When it comes down to it, the easiest way to promote healthy eating is by explaining the benefits. Things like being able to go outside and play or staying healthy keeps you from extra trips to doctor each year. Obviously, you don't have to overdo it and make it a point to discuss different things at every meal, but when it's appropriate definitely put it out there.

You'll know it's effective when your children are beginning to ask questions, offer suggestions, and even doing most of the grocery shopping for you. It may sound like paradise to you, but to them it's a learning experience and will definitely promote healthier eating and a healthier child for you.

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