Saturday, March 14, 2009

Newsletter - Impawsible to Resist

March news:

I've decided to try out a new service this month. The service provides a spam free, secure process for publishing newsletters and ecourses to subscribers for a small fee. I'm trying out the service this month and am now able to offer you the following goodies.

Healthy Chocolate - a monthly newsletter about guilt-free, diabetic and vegan friendly dark chocolate. In the first issue, learn 22 reasons why we should all consider adding dark chocolate to our diets. Read what Health Canada has to say about Xocai dark chocolate in particular. Sign up to host a chocolate tasting - wherever you are located in Canada, the USA, Australia, Jaspan or United Kingdom.

Living Green - an 8 week free ecourse with tips on reducing your carbon footprint on the planet.

These are available now as I beta test the service. If it works out, more will follow including monthly newsletters on Reiki, Alternative Healing, Pets & Vets, Feng Shui, Life Coach, Hypnotherapy, Travel and Green Tips. Leave a comment on this post if these or other topics are of interest to you.

To subscribe, please go to the subscription box at the top right hand corner of Mau's blog. You'll be able to choose between the topics now available. Choose one, choose all.

Anyone subscribing during this beta testing phase (ends March 20th) may select and aceo print of their choice from my Etsy shop -

Thank you so much!

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