Sunday, February 15, 2009


My first born daughter got married in Japan last week. She has lived there for 10 years and just loves it.

Last week she and her honey - Futoshi - got registered or married as they call it in Japan.

I have asked for pictures and as she did not send me any - I have made my own pictures. LOL

The rest of the story of her marriage I will put in her words from her own blog.

Now before you all think we did some big wedding thing....we didn't. What we did was go down to city hall and "register". See...I have never wanted a big wedding. I don't like weddings. I didn't go to my brother's or my best friend's wedding. I haven't been to a wedding in over 20 years. Don't ask me why but I just don't like them.

Thankfully my honey didn't want a big wedding and with my family and friends scattered all over Canada and the States and his family here in Japan it just got a bit complicated so we made it as simple as possible....we just "registered". You might be wondering what "registered" means....I mean if you go to city hall in Canada you are getting married.

But the thinking is a little different here (this is my take on it...someone else might have a different perspective about getting married in Japan). First the ceremony is basically a big party here....the white dress, the flowers, even the person performing the ceremony (oh and in Japan it is often a foreigner who is just pretending to perform the ceremony-guys can make money doing this and is legit) have no meaning because until it is "registered" at city hall you aren't married.

I told my friend "I'm getting married" and he asked about the "wedding" and I said that we were going down to city hall to get married and he said " are just registering" if I were buying a clunker of a car instead of a BMW. Ummm....Hello?!!!

Without "registering" you aren't married so....I'm getting married!!!I told some of my older female students and one of them told me that her daughter "registered" 2 months ago but they aren't sure when they will have the ceremony. I said to my student that it means she is married and she looked a bit surprised and said "yes, I guess so.

"So, yesterday my honey, my friend Phee (hi Phee!), his mom and I went to city hall to "register". We had already filled out many forms at home but we still had a few things to clear up when we got there. First it was important to know if I was "choujyo" which means first born daughter....I am so we circled that (still not sure how that is important). Then we had a piece of paper put in front of us that was about the "head of the household". See he moved in with me so I was the head of the household but once married it is assumed that the man would be the head....well.....we looked at each other and said we'd keep it just as it is .....I mean does it matter? But because we didn't change the title "head of the household" to him, we had to wait extra time while they changed his health insurance card so that my name would appear on his card since I'm the head of the house.

I am pretty sure his mother wasn't too impressed that we didn't change it but hey....that's what we wanted!So...we are now officially married!

I called my mom after and she cried! (Hi mom!!) Hope she is ok now. So all day today I've been joking with my honey that I'm the boss since I'm head of the household and he keeps telling me that my butt is his because it is registered!

Well there you go - I have a son-in-law and I am so proud of him - he is wonderful and kind and funny and very handsome.

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  1. Congratulations to your daughter and new son-in-law my dear friend! They look like a beautiful couple. I wish them many years of happiness and to you as well. Many hugs and many good wishes, Rhonda

  2. Brightest Blessings to you all! Wishing you and them a thousand years of happiness!

  3. Congratulations!!! to all of you. Your daughters story of her being registered and married is so sweet.... she now has her light of her life forever. Many happy times in their years to come.