Friday, January 23, 2009


Recycle, reduce and reuse -- these 6 envelopes are recycled from the World Vision Gift Catalogue.

I am a supporter of World Vision.

I made these envelopes to give World Vision more visibility and hopefully support.

They are 3 3/4" by 5 1/8" and they have a lick & stick on the flap of the envelope just like the store bought envelopes.

I sponsor a child in Peru through World Vision and it is so wonderful to see her grow and her village prosper.

At Christmas they send out a Christmas catalogue for you to purchase things from chickens to drilling of a water well. Also mediations and health clinic supplies and so much more.

You send the money and then you can print of a gift card and give the card to a family member to show them what you have donated in their name to World Vision.

And the item you have purchase is given to a family or village as needed.

What a blessing this is to the giver and to the receiver of this gift. In this case there are 2 receivers - the person or village that is given the gift through World Vision and the person who's name you used to donated the gift.

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